Stair Lifts & Ramps
New Bern - Carolina Home Medical, Inc.
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New Bern, NC

Service Description

When considering how important it is to be able to freely move about in your own house, the advantages of owning a stair lift or ramp are quite clear. Stair lifts are durable and easy to use, plus they allow those who live in multi-level homes to enjoy more living space with less hassle. A stair ramp is another durable, low-maintenance piece of equipment that can greatly enhance your lifestyle. 

With six different store locations, we will provide free quotes to all surrounding areas. This includes wheelchair/scooter lifts for vehicles, elevators, stair lifts, and ramps. Many of these quotes can be done right over the phone. We have a solution for you to maintain your ability to safely access all levels of your home and entry into your car. 

We also have several different rental options that might be available to you for accessibility. 

We use ADA compliant ramps and lifts so we will always have the safest solution for you weather it be residential or commercial. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the condition of your ramp, let us know.